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Burmese Days - 28 Days in Pictures

Finally I’m please to announce I’ve at least finished one thing from my recent trip to Myanmar/Burma!  This is a pdf picture book with some words. I’m not keen on picture only books – I like to know the story behind the photo, so I put together the best 28 photos from our 28 day trip to Myanmar, with a short description mentioning where we were. How to get the eBook?  Easy – just sign up for the newsletter below.  If you are already a subscriber you will already have a copy – I’ve sent it out to all existing subscribers a […] Read more »


Vacation Packing List: The Ultimate What to Pack For Vacation Guide


One of the most popular questions on any travel forum – what should  I take? What should I take it in?  A long time ago, before the Internet even and before my first long solo strip a friend persuaded me to leave half my  proposed pile of gear behind. Two weeks later I had to mail back a further large parcel at  huge cost. These days the travel blogging world is full of packing lists. Most of them are pretty much as silly as mine was, too many clothes, too little of stuff that matters.  Most of them seem to […] Read more »