Travel Resources

Finding the right information on travel is what I’m good at: here’s my “go to” list on great sites in the industry.

The Man In Seat 61

Its ugly – but the content is gold – all you could possibly want to know about train travel, anywhere in the world. REALLY! If train doesn’t exist on this site it almost certainly doesn’t exist.

The ultimate crowd-sourced website with reviews on everything from hotels to restaurants to airlines. The forums are fairly well hidden but can be useful for more up-market locations and properties. Its easier to find information than in the Lonely Planet forums and there are far fewer stupid questions. The contributors tend to be older and more sophisticated travellers (that’s a simplification).

Publishers of my favourite guide books – most of their site is now just a flashy magazine – not that useful. Of more interest is the “Thorntree” forum. Busiest travel forum that I know of – but lots and lots of first time travellers, and an emphasis on the backpacker market.

Gulliver: The Economist’s Travel Blogger 

Although the Economist is a VERY serious magazine – I like whoever writes the business travel blog. The tongue-in-cheek humour is raises a smile from time to time.

Travel Blogs


I started following Dave before this site was actually a blog – it dates back to the late 90’s! Over the year Dave has morphed the site into a useful resource for anyone who wants to travel or live overseas. Particularly strong on Central and South America. I like his choice of contributing authors who fill in the gaps that he can’t cover himself.


By one of the writers on GoBackpacking – focus on food and Asia – very nice – don’t read on an empty stomach.

Nomadic Matt  

Matt has just stopped travelling pretty much continuously, after over 5 years! Its not for everyone – but he has some nice posts, and his photography is excellent. Recommended for anyone wanted to hear the real story behind the dream of “travelling forever”.


Gary Arndt has been travelling continuously for years – though these days its often sponsored. His early travels are more interesting when he went to some very remote parts of the Pacific. His photography is amazing – best part of the blog these days.


Although he’s vague about his actual age  I rather suspect the author of this one has been travelling for as long as I have! I really love his photography and the fact that his posts are interesting and NOT keyword optimized to an inch of their lives.

The Longest Way Home

Dave is looking for somewhere to call home – its taken him about 7 years so far. Although I don’t share his angst about having a “home” – even though I don’t really feel like I have one – I do like his detailed posts and destination guides.